Being queer, to me, means dismantling the generational trauma that has held onto me throughout my upbringing and into adulthood. It means finding my true self and living authentically. It means finding community in others who are changing the status quo, who are loving themselves in the face of adversity.

Queer Culture has always existed. But even into the 21st century, the LGBTQIA+ Community is threatened daily. We are seen as sinners and degenerates. We are seen as threats to normality and hierarchical power.

To be queer is to be rebellious.

In our rebellion, we will be unapologetically:

VOCAL and be heard.

VISIBLE and be truly seen.


This blog is a call to recognize how beautiful our differences are, and is a safe place to celebrate our similarities and mourn our losses. ‍

To be queer is also to be the “other.” This blog is an open call to diversity and inclusion. Here we foster an empowering environment and build a community out of authenticity and compassion.

Black Lives Matter. Indigenous Sovereignty Now. Stop Asian Hate. Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia have no place. No human is illegal. The personal is political. Science is real. Labor is not life. Disability is not a bad word. Invisible Illnesses are valid. Fat is not a bad word. Mental Health Matters. Reproductive rights are for all. Trans Rights are Human Rights. Gender is not binary. Sex work is work.

Love is love.