Perfectly Imperfect

It’s time. It’s time to actively invest in creating a world where we are allowed to be perfectly imperfect, because to be perfectly imperfect is to be human.

35+ LGBTQIA+ Non-Fiction Books You Don’t Wanna Miss!

Image description: a book is laid out so that the pages are fanned out, with two pages folding into each other in the middle to form the shape of a heart. Hey friends, I’m so excited to bring you this collaborative list of non-fiction books by LGBTQIA+ community members. It’s easier now to find works […]

Am I A Boy?

Gender is like a non-Newtonian fluid. Read on to find out why…

Nihilism, Dissociation, and Me

If you find yourself having a nihilism attack, or dissociating in general, know that 1) you are not alone and 2) there are ways you can help yourself find your way back.


I long for a new world, and I believe that compassion is the key. Read about my intentions for this blog and where I see things leading to.

The House of Trans

Let’s talk appropriating vs. activating trans identity and what that might mean for a nonbinary person.

Autigender and Me

When I say I am autigender nonbinary, I mean I cannot see the world without my autism’s influence, including perceiving and understanding how I am nonbinary.

I Am Not A Girl

Calling a deadname a deadname is NOT reflective of a trans individual’s relationship with others, but with themselves. Period.

A Poem for Pride

Pride Month is on its way! In honor of the Stonewall Uprising in 1970, we celebrate the queer community and take pride in our identities throughout the month of June. Last night I entered the contest “Color is Pride: True Colors” through The prompt: “. . .express your pride in the diverse, amazing pieces […]

Nonbinary and Me

Being nonbinary means everything to me. I feel like I’m finally homeā€”like I’ve been lost in the woods my whole life, and then was magically found, given a bath, and now I can finally start living out what was supposed to be my original journey. It feels like a realignment to my truest self.

Change is the Game

An autistic perspective on change and compassion, along with a short list on how to help someone in crisis (towards the end).