Disability and Polyamory Jaesic, Andrew, and a few special guests will explore the lived intersection of disability and polyamory. From covid, to boundaries outside of the pandemic, to marriage equality, this topic is sure to have a lot of meat to chew on! More info and registration here.
7-8:30pm ESTzoom
Queer^ Grief: Honoring the Beauty of Letting GoQueer^ grief is the grief we hold for having to live in a world that does not always accept, respect, or celebrate us for who we are as members of the LGBTQIA+ community. The caret (^) is for those who are additionally queer because of any other marginalized identity that is at odds with normative culture (race/ethnicity, neurodivergence, ability status, etc.).

This is a two-part event. The first 45 min will be a brave space for us to name the pain we have been carrying and find solace in one another as we share in breakout rooms. After a 15 minute break, we will be welcomed back to the space with a grounding exercise. An open format for sharing art and creative expression will follow. People will be able to share whatever form of expression their grief has produced, or that has helped them process their grief (painting/drawing, music, poetry, short story, even comedy, etc.). In this way, not only will we be able to connect over grief and set resilience down, but also be able to connect over the beauty that is free expression, that comes from that pain.
More details and registration here:

*this event is free with a suggested donation of $5-35 for either segment, or $10-50 for both* YOU MUST REGISTER TO ATTEND

Looking forward to being in community with you!
2-5pm ESTzoom
The Politics of PolyamoryWhat is it like to live in a world that was designed for monogamous relationships? From PDA to legal rights, Jaesic, Andrew, and a special guest will be wrapping up this series with hard facts, and possible steps to take towards making a more inclusive world. More info and registration here.
7-8:30pm ESTzoom