If you missed what life coaching is all about, be sure to visit the “Coaching” tab on the menu above.

I am a trained life coach through the Academy for Coaching Excellence. As I work towards my 125 hours of coaching for my International Coaching Federation certification, these are my rates:

If you’re…3 month contract6 month contract
stretched financially$240 ($80/month)$480
financially stable$420 ($140/month)$840
financially flourishing$600 ($200/month)$1,200
in need of scholarship pricinglet’s talk!
Each contract is two 55min sessions per month, with unlimited email support; added sessions or quick scheduled check-ins will be prorated at $1/min.

I will never ask for you to disclose your income. Assess your situation (including savings, expenses, outside support, and fundraising ability), and choose the tier that is a “stretch” but not a hardship. If you are committed to receiving this kind of support after our discovery session but cannot comfortably make the stretch, please let me know. We will find a way to work together.

Envision a world in which everyone is supported 100% and no one is left out. This sliding scale reflects that vision, by supporting people to participate who could not otherwise do so. If you are financially flourishing, your contribution past the “comfortable” helps me offer pro bono work! Thank you!